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What do you get?

We have gathered some of the best startup valuation formulas for you to use as inspiration when valuating your startup. The sheet includes:

1. Clear instructions: A step-by-step guide to fill in the relevant data giving you a great overview on how to proceed.

2. An easy setup: We have made it easier to get fast results as opposed to drowning in information overload.

3. Comparison options: The all-in-one sheet makes it simple to compare results from the different methods.

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It has never been easier to find the value of your startup

You can find the formulas and instructions on how to find the value of your startup with these proven methods:

  • DCF Model
  • Book Value
  • Berkus Method
  • Scorecard Valuation Method
  • Risk Factor Summation Method
  • Earnings Multiple Method
  • Scenario Analysis